Rimba Electro Stimulation Set Of Four Pads


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Now if you are going to use the Rimba Box to deliver a sensational and thrilling zap to yourself or your partner then you will obviously need a means of connecting that electricity with your skin.Thus we have a simple yet very effective way of delivering that tingling sensation to any part of your body with this highly useful set of four Rimba pads, simply place these pads against the skin on any erogenous zone and let the electric sensations flow, whether as a couple of for self-pleasure the Rimba set of four pads will do the trick.Rimba Electro Play self-adhesive gel pads with a size of 40 x 40 mm each.This package contains 4 single, unipolar pads.These pads are flexible and can be used 10 up to 15 times depending on how clean the gel stays. A clean, hair-free skin makes the best contact. An individual pad is unipolar so you need to use 2 pieces or one pad and another uni-polar device to create an electric shock.Always be careful, do not use if the skin is broken or irritated, when you have heart problems or are pregnant.


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