Rimba Electro Stimulation Breast Cups


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Electrifying pleasure or pain for your lover or submissive sex slave!Here we have a superb pair of black breast cups, and if done at the proper setting these sensual breast cups can stimulate intense pleasure, however, if you have a sex slave who has been acting naughty you can turn that intense pleasure into domineering excruciating pain!Whether for pain or pleasure these breast caps will tease and titillate your lover’s breasts until they fall into compliance with your every desire!The following products require the Rimba Power Box to workRimba Electro Play 2 x flexible rubber body cups including lead wire. The cups are both Bi-polar. Because the distance between the electrodes on the cup is minimal, there is no flow towards the heart, if worn on the breast for example in a bra.The cups can be worn in different places on the body, breasts, abdomen, buttocks. The cups are not adhesive so they should be put under a tight worn garment so that the cup stays securely in place and there is a good contact is made. This can be in pants, under straps or belts. The use of contact gel helps to create an optimal contact between skin and electrode.


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